Here you can see the official score sheet for rabbit showmanship. This is a new and updated version of a score sheet that is much easier and comprehensive for anyone evaluating or judging the showman. For this lesson and wiki, this is the "Official Rabbit Showmanship Score Sheet". It is designed to be the fairest way for any judge using it to score the showman quickly, efficiently, fairly, and consistently.

There are 16 steps to showing the rabbit in rabbit showmanship.
To access the video on proper technique for each step click on the page with the # and title of that step.


For the best way to learn and perform rabbit showmanship, you will be proceeding through each of the 16 steps in order of the proper performance as shown on the Official Rabbit Showmanship Score Sheet.

Let's begin.
1. Go to Step 1. Carry to Table from here by clicking on this link, or from the navigation menu.
2. Read the description of "how to carry your rabbit to the judging table",
3. Watch the video of this step being performed correctly,
4. Practice this step with your rabbit,
5. Take a video of you performing this step with your rabbit, and finally
6. Submit it along with a reflection to the discussion on that page. In the subject line write your PID.
Proceed to each page in the 16 steps and complete it by submitting a reflection and a video.
Once you have successfully completed all 16 steps you will be instructed to perform a complete rabbit showmanship presentation that you will have video taped to be submitted for a final assessment that will show your readiness to compete in a formal rabbit showmanship competition. Your video will be submitted back to you with a voice-over commentary by the judge as a formal evaluation for you to have feedback of the good parts and any part that may still need improvement. How exciting is that?

You may do as many steps as you want at a time to submit them for assessment, just remember that your rabbit will perform best for you if you practice in 10 minute intervals so you don't stress him/her out. Be sure to check the assessment schedule on the Schedule of upcoming events page to see when your video will be able to be graded.

Most of all HAVE FUN and be safe with your rabbit while learning to perform all the steps in Rabbit Showmanship!

Here is a printable version of the Score Sheet if you'd like to be able to use it for practice or give to your 4H rabbit superintendant to use for their county fair and events for rabbit showmanship. Permission is given by ARBA Judge #711 Jody Rosnik, creator of the Official Rabbit Showmanship Score Sheet